Pegasus ERP

Pegasus ERP

Pegasus ERP™ is a multi-facility, multi-currency business management solution that helps small and mid-sized businesses manage their supply chain. Including such modules as Order Entry, Inventory Control, Purchase Ordering and Accounts Receivable and integrated EDI support. With Pegasus ERP you can deliver a customer service experience that will delight your customers.

Built on Microsoft SQL Server and the .NET Framework; Pegasus ERP has the power to support your growth ambitions. Intuitive in-line decision making tools provide the insight that empower decision makers to easily make the right decisions. By utilizing the latest in web-based and mobile technologies Pegasus ERP reaches beyond the four walls of you enterprise, connecting all aspects of the supply chain and delivering value where business happens.

Available in either on-premise or cloud-based deployment models. For more information please visit

FASTo Salesforce Automation

FASTo Salesforce Automation

Do you have salespeople who take orders while away from the office? Would you like to take orders on the tradeshow floor? Does your staff have to manually enter hand-written orders? Our salesforce automation package is the right solution for you.

Our FASTo™ salesforce automation software is available either as a stand-alone product or as fully integrated module of Pegasus ERP. Available on Windows Mobile, Android, and iOS platforms - and featured by Microsoft in a case study - FASTo is a clear winner.

Download the Microsoft case study


Epick Order Fulfillment

Do you send hard-copy packing slips and pick lists to your warehouse? Are your warehouse staff making mistakes in item selection and quantities picked? Is your invoicing department making adjustments before invoicing? We have the product for you!

Epick™ reduces errors by improving product recognition through the use of barcodes and optionally product images. Pickers simply pick what they scan. Eliminate confusion over packaging and units of measure. Picking screens can be customized to clearly indicate number of cartons, inner packs or pieces the picker needs to pick. Use of pallet, carton and inner pack barcodes can further reduce errors.

Epick is available either a stand-alone product or as fully integrated module of Pegasus ERP.